We Are Different

The First, ever

Patented innovation: We have developed the first skincare tablet (ever), to be dissolved into drinking water in less than 30min.We have patented this innovation in China, the USA and Europe.

Change-maker: Dare to disrupt the pre-established standards of consumption, in Beauty but not only.

Skincare that actually works

Less is more: We could have added all the fancy ingredients you wish to read on a skincare packaging: Vitamins A, C, D, retinol, hyaluronic acid etc. But we chose efficacy versus commerciality.

Efficacy: All the claimed ingredients benefits in our formulas have been scientifically proven; and most importantly tested to actually work within the same concentration (or even lower) than the one used in our skincare products.

Naturally better

100% natural: It means zero synthetical products whatsoever, so: no chemical thickener, no synthetical emulsifier to make a smooth / thicker texture; thus our texture is very aqueous / watery; this is how it was meant to be, naturally.

Highest ingredients quality: Only renewable vegetable sources are used to produce the ingredients we use.All our actives are scientifically supported with objective testing and scientific articles.

Beauty without waste

Safest: Our cosmetic ingredients are accompanied by a full toxicological evaluation information. Our formulas are suitable for ultra sentistive skins, on pregnant women and on children uder 3 years old.

Better for our planet: Stop plastic consumption, stop shipping water from all around the world, stop buying single use beauty container, just-add-water, refill and repeat.