Our Philosophy

All you need is less.

Not a Routine, a Mindset. Effective, sustainable, uncompromising skincare essentials. Naturally derived, meticulously formulated with the highest ingredients quality to rebalance and repair your microbiome.  

We are a ground-breaking natural skincare tablet designed to be diluted in water in a "forever" reusable bottle, crafted to maintain a healthy skin microbiome.

N°1  Refill - Mono Skincare

Our Beliefs

We believe there is another way...

Another way to create effective skincare:

Our treatments are formulated to transform and repair dysfunctions of the microbiome at the cellular level, supporting its key functions of regeneration and protection.

Another way to innovate, in harmony with nature:

We take care of Mother Earth, by producing conscientiously and evaluating our impact at each stage of production. Presented in the form of tablets with an infinitely refillable bottle system, our products are vegan, cruelty-free, from renewable sources and 100% traceable.

Aspire to inspire

Disruptive format and packaging 

Inspirational image 

Made with passion 

Convenient, for all: small quantity, easy to use, refill and ship, inclusive design and marketing

Mean it

Results driven & scientifically proven 

Sustainability: Forever refillable, minimal packaging, clean, natural and organic ingredients

Transparency: ingredients decoded, pure and traceable, packaging materials listed

No-short cut 

Science-backed microbiome skincare: proven-to-work ingredients packed formula  

Clinical test

Years of R&D efforts

Join us!

We believe there is another way of creating, inspired by nature: cleaner and more sustainable: by giving back instead of just taking.

Building today a community of MONOvators, more conscientious and respectful of nature, with a shared vision of creating a better future together. Join us!

Read About Our Founder

Learn more about what inspires our founder to create a genuine skincare revolution in the beauty industry: not only by ending single use plastic container, but also raising the transparency standards to new levels.