5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Conscious Christmas

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Conscious Christmas

By Laurie Mias

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Conscious Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 

Gift-giving is the heart of Christmas, and for most of us, it’s a time to express our love to those we care about through thoughtful gifts. When it comes to buying the perfect Christmas gift, you'll probably be looking for a unique, practical, or something that the person has long wanted and beautifully wrapped. 

The hard truth, while gift-giving is indeed heartwarming, the tradition creates waste. Wrapping paper and ribbon get thrown away, and poorly thought out gifts are discarded or donated after the holiday season. 

Instead of contributing to unnecessary waste during the most wonderful time of the year, we should consider the environment by choosing gifts our loved ones will enjoy while being kind to the earth. 

Choose minimal waste gifts that are reusable, compostable, digital, or wrapped, packaged, and shipped without plastic. The holiday season is also the perfect time to spread sustainability awareness through kind gifts—whether they have adopted the zero-waste or softly nudge them in the direction.

In the spirit of sustainable giving, we have rounded up some of the best sustainable gift ideas that are great for a more conscious celebration!


Zero Waste Kit

'Tis the season to show friends and family how easy it is to start a zero-waste lifestyle. A great option is a reusable water bottle, stainless straw, straw brush, and high-quality wooden utensils, all gifted in a reusable bag. An advanced pampering kit includes bamboo cotton swabs, reusable cotton pads, organic bristles, bamboo toothbrushes, etc. 


Vintage Cloth & Accessories

The Environmental Protection Agency shows that the USA alone generates 17 million tons of textile waste. Clothing productions doubled during 2000 - 2014, with average consumers buying 60% more articles of clothing. And, because we purchase more, each item is usually kept half as long and ends up in the landfill quicker. That alone is a great reason to avoid the temptation of grabbing a quick gift from your nearest clothing store.

Start with second chances with vintage clothing and accessories. Thrift websites like The Real Real, The Hula, or The Vestiaire Collective have an endless collection of gorgeous pre-loved goodies! Or, if you are not sure, you can buy a gift card from a thrift shop giving your loved ones the freedom of choice. 

You can also shop for reclaimed clothes saved from deadstock fabrics or pre-consumer waste used to create one-of-a-kind fashion items.


Lifesaving Items

Make time this season to improve the lives of less fortunate children to bring them the joy of Christmas. Choose a lifesaving gift for the many children worldwide in areas in dire need. Purchase a unique charity gift—from emergency relief to school supplies, donate to UNICEF, a children's hospital, or other children’s charities. 


Offset Carbon Footprint

Instead of buying physical items, consider offsetting the carbon footprint. A great option is the United Nations-sponsored Climate Neutral Now, which highlights energy, agriculture, households, transport, and waste handling projects. You can offset the average American annual emission (about 20 metric tons) for as little as $5! You or the person you gift will receive an offset certificate along with greater peace of mind for a friendlier future.


Reusable Gifts

Whether you’re giving to a seasoned eco-warrior or someone who requires a nudge in the right direction, reusable items are thoughtful earth-saving gifts - from reusable household items to eco-friendly products or a MONO Skincare subscription plan that delivers 100% natural refillable skincare products to their doorstep each month. Finally, a gift that they'll love to use and reuse!