Microbiome Science

Why we focus on your skin microbiome?

As the largest and most visible organ, the skin not only gives clues into what's happening beneath the surface in terms of immune function, nutrition, oxidative stress, and metabolic issues, to name a few, it's the body's first line of defense against infection, environmental stressors, and loss of nutrients and water. The skin microbiome is constantly interacting with our environment and works to support our health by protecting against infection, influencing the immune response, protecting against UV radiation, and helps provide nourishment to the skin cells. Poor barrier function isn't just linked to poor skin health, it may be linked to poor overall health. In our new normal, in some ways defined by hyper-sterilization, the importance of our biome is a new lifeline: We need a healthy set of diverse organisms more than ever —and yet we are increasingly putting it at risk.MONO products actually start treating your skin like a barrier.

How MONO products better preserve our skin biodiversity? 

There's so much in our "normal" skin care routines that actively harms our biodiversity. Various factors including ingredients in topical skin care products, household products, and cosmetics can disrupt the microbiome and trigger or exacerbate conditions like psoriasis or acne, and even accelerated aging. Potent preservatives—like parabens and formaldehyde-releasing preservative, have the potential to kill organisms on our skin as well. Overly aggressive routines and exfoliators in overdrive can weaken our skin by eroding the barrier's protective layers and shifting the natural pH. MONO products are exclusively composed of natural, safest and harmless ingredients and preservatives, and carry organic certification.

Inspired by Science, Powered by Nature

Our lifestyles, too, are affecting our biomes. Much of our skin's biodiversity used to come from interacting with nature. MONO products have been created with this conviction that our skin microbiome is intimately connected with Nature. We decided to move forward with Nature, essentially striking for a balance between science and modern conveniences while pursuing a primary focus on sustainability and a more equitable access to healthy natural skincare products. Our formulas are packed with clinically proven preBIOTICS supporting the skin’s microbiota such as inulins: preBIULIN® FOS , INUTEC® , or BIOLIN® amongst a few. Inulins are Natural inulin-based prebiotics, derived from chicory and agave. These prebiotics have been clinically proven to: prevent reoccurrence of severe skin conditions, be effective in keeping the most sensitive skin healthy, protect the skin’s natural barrier, keep the skin hydrated, reduce the effect of aging on the skin microbiota and help recolonize the skin surface to prevent the invasion of foreign/ damaging species.

About Our Ingredients and Restricted Ones

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