Who is Laurie Mias, the founder of MONO Skincare?

"My mum being a perfume shops owner for the past thirty-five years, I have tested, used and eventually thrown away hundreds of skincare samples and products in my life. Besides the fact that I am not proud of how much waste this occured, it allowed me to try many different products and beauty brands, and to learn a lot about skin science and microbiology. Over the years I got particularly interested in the skin’s microbiome; but also concerned about the abundance of plastic in the beauty industry. The beauty industry had to reduce its contribution to packaging waste, and I feel I could be part of that change."

Why did you create MONO Skincare?

"In 2014 I founded a Cold Press Organic Juicery called Mr Green Juice and later on, in 2017 I founded a Wellness Resort named REVĪVŌ. I designed comprehensive wellness retreat programs with nutritionists and health experts, and discovered how a prebiotic and probiotic diet could improve the immune systeme as well as symptoms of gluten intolerance some customers have had for years. Then it striked me, why not applying this science to skin? I read and researched a lot on the enormous benefits of harnessing good bacteria and it helped me to create MONO formulations in collaboration with a laboratory in Belgium."

"I wanted this new skincare brand to also allow us to cut back on plastic consumption, and reduce my contribution to the overabundance of plastic waste in the beauty industry. The answer I came up with is MONO skincare, a new line of refillable beauty products, prebiotics packed and 100% natural, that launches today. MONO’s products: A Makeup Meltaway, a Face Cleanser, a Face Peeling, a face toner, a Night Serum and a face moisturizer, —  are sold as tablets that customers dilute in water in one of the eco-friendly reusable container - that you buy once and that we sell too."

"I also think about the part that businesses like hotels and restaurants are playing in the refillable game - after all, they get through a lot more product than the rest of businesses. For that reason we are going to launch our body and hair care tablets as hotel amenities refillable solutions too."