Get Your Summer Glow with MONO’s Three Simple Kits

Get Your Summer Glow with MONO’s Three Simple Kits

By Laurie Mias

Get Your Summer Glow with MONO’s Three Simple Kits

We love summer! The sun is shining, and the hot weather is perfect for breaking out those beloved crop tops and shorts. It’s time to play in the water, eat ice cream, chill, and plan the best beach escape. But summer also brings a lot of sweating and sun exposure, which leads to clogged, tired-looking skin. While it’s important to follow a good skincare routine every season, it would be best to put extra effort into the swelteringly hot months to keep your skin radiant. So here is MONO’s simple way to get your summer glow.

Check Your Hydration

Water is the key to skin’s glow, especially during summer when you sweat more than usual! Sweating causes you to lose important bodily fluids, which often happens in the summer. The water loss not only dehydrates your body and makes you feel weary and lazy, but it also damages your skin. So make sure to replenish the body liquid you lost with enough water. Summer is perfect for getting creative with infused water! Add lemon, cucumber, strawberries, or mint leaves to your plain old water. 

Switch to Lighter Skincare

Your skincare routine changes with the seasons, much like your outfit. Heavy cosmetics in the heat will clog skin pores and cause further problems. Swap your heavy, oil-based creams with water-based alternatives. All toners and moisturizers from MONO Skincare are watery in texture and quick to absorb, which feel lightweight to the skin. The Aloe and Beta Glucan give maximum hydration while preventing transepidermal water loss and letting your skin breathe.

MONO Skincare’s Radiant Skin Set

Try MONO Skincare’s Radiant Skin Set. Your skin has forsaken so much water loss during the scorching hot day, so replenish the moisture with MONO’s Intense Hydration Night Serum, and complete your nighttime routine with the Gua Sha Massaging Stone. After a day full of activity, the Gua Sha stone will help to relieve the tension, increase blood circulation, and reduce wrinkles. Store your Gua Sha in the fridge for instant cool massaging during the humid summer night.

Wipe Your Makeup Thoroughly 

Summer is for blinding highlighter and coral blush to create that glowing sun-kissed look. And since you sweat more than usual, you’ll probably use a waterproof foundation, powder, and mascara. Don’t forget to wipe your makeup thoroughly, girl! Being kind and gentle to your skin is the most crucial step in removing waterproof makeup. Use an oil-based cleanser because it helps to remove makeup from the face gently, without hurting the skin. 

MONO Skincare’s Nude Face Set

MONO Skincare’s Nude Face Set, a set of reusable cotton pads and Makeup Meltaway. The fluffy cotton pads are designed to clean without irritating the skin. The blend of oils in Makeup Meltaway strips away any waterproof makeup while still being gentle to the skin and maintaining the skin’s barrier function.

Exfoliate Regularly!

The loss of dead skin cells is typically more obvious when the skin is dry and flaky in the winter. However, you still shed skin cells during the summer. This can clog skin pores and make matters more difficult for the health of your skin when combined with sweat and skin oils. As a result, you must keep exfoliating your skin using gentle scrubs to get rid of dead skin cells, sweat, and debris. Exfoliation is essential in your summer skincare routine, especially for oily skin. Don’t overdo it—once a week is enough! 

MONO Skincare’s Purification Set

MONO Skincare’s Purification Set, a combo of Soft Facial Peeling and Multi-activated Charcoal Sponge. The vegan peeling will not only exfoliate impurities from your pores but also help the production of new collagen cells. The Multi-activated Charcoal Sponge is here to assist you as a gentle physical exfoliator, replacing scrubs or brushes that can cause micro-tears on your skin.