How Mono’s Minimalist Formulas Work for My Skin

How Mono’s Minimalist Formulas Work for My Skin

By Laurie Mias

How Mono’s Minimalist Formulas Work for My Skin

Beauty influencers and skincare enthusiasts try to convince us we need to complete our skincare regime with various serums, active ingredients, essences, ampoules, and vitamin boosters before topping it off with a day or night moisturizer. Skincare brands are launching new products every month, and the media is constantly bombing us with the latest beauty updates. It’s not surprising to find yourself using products every day, believing these products are good for your skin.

But have you stopped for a minute and thought if all of those skincare ingredients work to their potential?

Purchasing multiple products is not only overwhelming, but it’s also heavy in the wallet, and chances are it will irritate your skin. This is why many people are switching to less complicated skincare routines and a minimalistic approach -embrace skinminimalism, a simplified and sustainable skincare routine with minimalist ingredients that are kinder to your skin. 


It’s the Age of Skinminimalism

Take a step back from over-cleansing, over-exfoliating, and over-indulging your skin with minimalist skincare. People fail to realize that excessive skincare strips away your skin's barrier, protecting you from pollutants and keeping the moisture locked in. As the number of ingredients in a product increases, the vital active ingredients become less bioactive, and you take the risk of developing irritation or an allergic reaction. 

The benefit of reducing your skincare ingredients is you can focus on products with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Skincare with minimalist formulation uses ten or fewer ingredients instead of similar products with up to 30 ingredients. Having skincare with minimalist ingredients also means knowing what you put in your face. The fewer the ingredients, the more you'll understand the benefits making it easier to have healthy glowing skin.


MONO’s Minimalist Formulas: Less is More

Mono's organic skincare highlights microbiome science and ingredient efficiency. We could have used fancy ingredients, like vitamin A, C, D, hyaluronic acids. Instead, MONO's approach focuses on efficacy—ensuring our skincare formulas contain beneficial ingredients that are scientifically proven and tested. Because of its groundbreaking water-soluble tablet science, MONO doesn't rely on a chemical thickener or synthetical emulsifier to provide the smooth and thick texture often found in moisturizing creams. MONO excludes abrasive fragrance, artificial colors, parabens, SLS, SLES, and other synthetic elements and commonly used preservatives. have the potential to kill microorganisms in our skin barrier. Because of MONO's minimalist formulation, you'll be less likely to cause allergic reactions, irritation, or inflammation.  

Each MONO tablet is 90% pure organic and filled with active ingredients. The Saccharum officinarum or sugar cane extract acts as a natural humectant, keeping your skin moist hydrated while minimizing blemishes. In every face product, the aloe barbadensis extract is an anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant property that supports the healthy glow on your skin. 

MONO's minimalist formulas allow the hero ingredients, inulins, to work optimally into your skin. Inulins are a natural prebiotic used to strengthen the microbiome of your skin's barrier, helping recolonize the skin surface, protecting against external threats, and locking in hydration, 

Mono's minimalist ingredients deliver bio-active ingredients with a higher concentration of nutrients that work on a cellular level. Focusing on the microbiome science allows MONO to treat your skin like a barrier and maintain the skin's health from the inside out.