How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine in 6 Simple Steps

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine in 6 Simple Steps

By Laurie Mias

How to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine in 6 Simple Steps

1. Throw out expired products

We’re all guilty of using cosmetics past their expiration. In fact, many women aren’t even aware of how long their cosmetics should last them. Cosmetic labels contain all kinds of information, including how long the product lasts. Check the product for what’s known as a Period After Opening (PAO) symbol. On average, here’s how long your cosmetics should last you: Cleanser: Up to 1 year, Moisturizer: Up to 1 year, Serum: Up to 1 year, Foundation: Up to 1 year, Mascara: 3 to 6 months, Lip products: 1 to 2 years, Perfume:10 years, Nail polish: 2 years. 
This should give you an idea of what to expect. You’re probably using cosmetics way past their expiration date unintentionally. Using expired cosmetics can cause irritation, infection, and acne

2. Clean your makeup applicators

If you do your makeup every day, there’s a good chance that your applicators harbor a lot of bacteria and leftover makeup.We suggest that you clean your makeup brushes and sponges every single week. To clean your beauty brushes and sponges, just use a non-toxic soap or even your MONO facial cleanser. If you have a clean makeup remover, that works, too.

3. Swap winter skincare for summer skincare

Summer cleaning is a good time to switch out products based on the season. If your winter cream is thick and highly protective, you may want to switch it out for a lightweight, water-based formula. If your summer moisturizer like MONO face moisturiser contains UV protection and some antioxydants like Vitamin C, even better, to combat allergens!

4. Nourish your skin on the inside and out

There’s a lot of cleaning and organization going on externally in spring and summer, but don’t forget about detoxing internally. Part of cleaning your beauty routine should include paying special attention to ingredients. This means adding ingredients that detoxify the skin and eliminating ingredients that cause harm to the skin. Carefully read all the labels and get rid of the products that contain badly rated ingredients; even though your product lists only one toxic ingredient out of 20, it still means that the whole product is toxic and could have carcinogenic effects on the body, disrupt your hormones, and aggravate your skin.

5. Replace toxic products

Summer cleaning your beauty routine is the perfect excuse to treat yourself and put your health first. Investing in clean beauty products is investing in your health. You wouldn’t eat and smoke carcinogens, so why put them on your face? If you’ve never detoxed your beauty cabinet before, you’re going to be in for a shock at how many of your favorite products aren’t what they say they are. You want the majority of your beauty routine to be clean, non-toxic, and safe. But the reality is that most women’s beauty collections contain an alarming amount of toxic ingredients. Replacing the majority of your collection at one time may sound daunting so take this cleaning at your own pace, one section at a time.

6. Start with one section at a time

If you have a huge beauty collection (no shame!), detoxing your beauty products can be time-consuming. Rather than bombarding yourself with one giant chore, split up your collection into smaller sections. Ever heard of the KonMari method?:) The idea of decluttering your life even applies to your beauty products. We just want to make sure that those products are safe and non-toxic. So, if your collection of beauty products is larger than your shoe collection, start small and work your way up. Since the face and scalp are the most important regions when it comes to using clean products, we recommend you spring clean your beauty routine in this order: Skincare, Makeup, Hair care, Body washes and lotions, Hygiene products like deodorant and Nail products.