The Truth About Your Skincare Products

The Truth About Your Skincare Products

By Laurie Mias

The Truth About Your Skincare Products

Take any skincare bottle you have and turn it around. When you check the ingredients, you will notice that “Aqua” would sit on top three, if not the first ingredient of your skincare. Ingredients in a packaged product are listed in descending order according to quantity, with the first having the largest amount to the proportion. This means water, regarding all others, is essentially the main ingredient of a cosmetic product! 

Should You Pay for Water in Your Skincare? 

In fact, a cream in skincare may contain 60-65% water and it can go all the way to 90-95% in toner, leaving 10 - 15% of the product made up of active ingredients. The part that you want to benefit your skin. While water is essentially a good thing—our body is 60% water—paying a high price for plain old water is not. Why should you pay for something you can get for free?

We at MONO think that this is not fair for customers. With potable water readily available at every house, the concept of a skincare tablet that would easily dissolved in room temperature water makes a greener and better, environmentally-conscious decision.

“But water in the skincare is purified and distilled,” you might think. To tell you the truth, purified or distilled water is by definition water free of microbes, which is nothing more than the potable water you have at home. It is easy to understand that the same water we can drink is safe to put on our skin. 

 MONO allows you to purchase only the hyper-concentrated active ingredients and only pay for such. You can stock up the tablet and refill the bottle easily anytime you need it. And since it’s a refill, you don’t have to repurchase the same bottle again and again. 

Not only that you save yourself from buying mostly water on a bottle of skincare, but you also save the earth from unnecessary plastic bottles and packaging that come in every purchase. 

Exposing Parabens and Emulsifier in Your Skincare

Further reading on the ingredient list of most skincare, will you be shocked to find innocents yet toxic ingredients following the water? Parabens and emulsifiers are most likely filled up the second and third parts of the ingredients. Parabens are present in the form of methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben which acts as preservative agents. While it prevents your skincare from getting moldy, you are at risk of putting harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin. Next is an emulsifier, commonly found as Cetearyl Alcohol, Polysorbate 60, PEG-150 Stearate, or Steareth-20. Truth is, our skin doesn’t need emulsifiers. It’s a chemical the factory needed so they can emulsify the water with active ingredients.

The Truth About Oils

Ever heard about oils in skincare? Facial oil is a good addition to your skincare routine. It’s good for massaging, protecting the surface layer of the skin, and sealing the water in. However, oils cannot go any deeper than the surface. Only water-based serums can penetrate deep into the cellular level of the skin, bringing active ingredients to work. 

Would you step forward and cut all unnecessary ingredients on your skincare routine with MONO?