Three-Step MONO Skincare Balancing  For Every Skin

Three-Step MONO Skincare Balancing For Every Skin

By Laurie Mias

Three-Step MONO Skincare Balancing  For Every Skin

There's nothing better than waking up with moisturized and hydrated skin. Your skin goes through a lot during the course of the day. Air pollution, filth, and sun exposure can damage your skin by breaking down collagen, making it more sensitive to damage and premature aging. Dirt and dust also accumulate on the skin's surface, clogging pores. The key to combating these concerns is to stick to a step-by-step skincare routine that helps you preserve your skin's health and beauty.

However, as skincare has become more popular on social media with thousands of new products being released in recent years, seemingly containing every ingredient under the sun, it's become more intimidating and confusing for a beginner to get started—and for anyone to understand how to create an effective skincare routine that works for them.

The Basic Skincare You Really Need

It's difficult to choose which items to include in your daily skincare routine when there are so many to choose from. Even dermatologists believe that a decent skincare routine requires only a few key components: a gentle cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. A simple but effective skincare program that is easy to follow on a daily basis. By choosing natural products that are both effective and safe will help maintain your skin's health and natural glow over time.

While there's nothing wrong with experimenting with new products, the truth is that most of our skin's demands can be met by keeping to a basic skincare routine to achieve that healthy and beautiful glow. 



The first step in any excellent skincare routine is cleansing. A cleanser is required to remove all dirt, makeup, excess oil, and environmental contaminants from your face. If not adequately removed, these particles can block pores, causing breakouts, a dull appearance, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation.

Always choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. The goal is to leave the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Wash your clothes no more than twice a day. 

Face Wash

Step up your cleansing game with MONO Ultra Gentle Face Wash. Our prebiotic-rich face wash effectively removes dirt and pollutants without altering the skin's moisture balance leaving it dry or tight. It deeply cleanses and nourishes even the most sensitive skin without leaving it oily or altering the pH of your skin.


Now that your skin is clear of dirt, oils, and impurities, toning is a great step to restore the balance of your skin. Cleansing alters the skin's pH balance alters due to the alkaline nature of soap. When this happens, your skin becomes more susceptible to bacterial growth and acne outbreaks, but using a toner helps restore this balance quickly.

After applying Toner, your skin will be nourished and have a regulated pH, allowing other active ingredients to penetrate the skin. MONO Skincare's pH Balancing Toner is enriched with Aloe Berbadensis Leaf Extract to protect the skin from free radicals, Citric Acid to reduce the appearance of fine lines, soften the skin, even out your skin tone, and Inulin to keep the healthy probiotic in your skin thriving, maintaining a strong skin barrier. 

Three Ways to Apply MONO Ph Balancing Toner:

The Cotton Pad Method:

After cleansing, immerse a cotton pad in Toner for a few minutes, then wipe your face with the cotton pad and pat the excess away.

The Toner Mask CSM Method:

Known as Chizu-Saeki method, this is a great way to ensure maximum toner absorption in your skin. Soak your reusable cotton pads in Toner and compress them to your face for 3 to 5 minutes. It's a quick and easy way to hydrate and soothe your dry, itchy skin. 

The Spray Mist Method:

As a face mist, pour some toner into a spray bottle. It can even be used to set your makeup and get rid of the powdered look.


Prevent water loss through the outer layers of the skin and other building blocks within the skin. Throughout the day, our skin constantly loses moisture, leading to both dry and overly oily skin. Moisturiser provides a protective layer to the skin that locks in moisture and keeps the skin hydrated. This hydration gives your skin a healthy natural glow. 

Apply MONO Skincare's Face Moisturizer to a damp face after the Toner. Pat gently into your skin until it is absorbed. The Alpha-Glucan Oigasaccharide helps clear the skin and restore its normal regulation, barrier functions, and sebum productions. In a few weeks, you will notice a fantastic improvement in reduced inflammation. The moisturizer carries another awesome ingredient to help combat fine lines and wrinkles, Beta Glucan, which increases the synthesis of collagen by up to 32%, reducing the depth of wrinkles and minimizing fine lines. 

By incorporating these three types of products into your skincare routine, you will almost guarantee a better complexion for many years to come!