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3-Step Balanced Skin Set

Each set contains:

1 x Cleanser bottle + tablet

1 x Toner bottle + tablet

1 x Moisturizer + tablet

How does it work?

Fill the bottles with drinking water. Drop the tablets. Wait 30 minutes and you're good to go.

What are the 3 steps?

First Step

Cleanse your skin with our ultra-gentle cleanser. Get rid of the excess oil and bad bacteria.

Second Step

Apply the toner to smooth your skin texture while balancing your skin's pH.

Third Step

Apply the moisturizer to create a protective film on your skin to lock in the hydration.

The Skincare Experience Reimagined

Top 3 reasons why everyone is switching to MONO Skincare


Less is More

We choose efficacy versus commerciality. 

We eliminate those fancy ingredients and put together only the active ingredients that truly make a difference.


The First, ever

We have developed the first-ever skincare tablet which can be dissolved in water.

Our formulas are patented in USA, Europe and China.


Beauty without Waste

We have completely eliminated single-use plastic.

No more shipping water from all around the world.


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